Richard Jewell

Clint Eastwood (2019)

Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates Rated 15 Run time 131 mins
Clint Eastwood, 90 years old this year, turns out a fascinating tale taken from real life.
During the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta a terrorist planted a pipe bomb that killed one person and injured many more. The fact that the casualties were not higher is down to the unassuming heroism of one man: security guard Richard Jewell, a nerdy, overweight guy who lived with his mom.  However, the FBI decided that he fitted the profile of a sociopath planting bombs to play the hero by finding them, and then leak their suspicions to the city’s paper.
With hair-raising tension and suspense this is a vital story about an alarming miscarriage of justice.
77% – Rotten Tomatoes
7.5/10 – IMDB
“An understated and captivating story that boasts a fantastic central performance from Paul Walter Hauser.”
“Eastwood’s film is a serious, humane and sincere artistic and social accomplishment.”
Article: How the Investigation Into Richard Jewell Unfolded – The New York Times