Alice Winocour (2019)

Eva Green, Zélie Boulant, Matt Dillon Rated 12A Run time 107 mins

What’s Science Fiction if you take out the fiction part?

Whilst Proxima is a fictional film, its closeness to the practicalities and realities of space travel in the modern age are impressive, lending the viewer a unique viewpoint.

Eva Green turns in a great performance as the astronaut-in-training battling both the gruelling training processes and the casual misogyny of her team-mates whilst also struggling with having a young girl she will likely have to leave behind for a year.

81% – Rotten Tomatoes

“Winocour’s highly satisfying third feature outdoes many more lavish Hollywood efforts in evoking the otherworldly emotional disconnect that comes with space travel, all without leaving terra firma for the vast bulk of its running time.”

“So rooted in the practical, the nuts and bolts – of motherhood and space exploration – it could pass for documentary, equal parts poetry and vérité.”

Film review: A space movie for our times – Financial Times