In The Fade

Fatih Akin (2017)

Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Numan Acar Rated 18 Run time 106 mins

Winner of Best Actress at Cannes 2017

From Turkish director Fatih Akin this riveting thriller won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film at Cannes. This is a politically charged tale of grief and violence in modern Germany which dwells on both the pleasures of multiculturalism and the horror it causes on the far right. It’s anchored by Kruger’s brilliantly compelling turn as the hard drinking, drug-using mother, Katja, whose life falls apart in after a shocking incident. Impossible to miss!

77% – Rotten Tomatoes
7.1/10 – IMDB

“In Fatih Akin’s In the Fade, Diane Kruger is in nearly every shot, and her wide, open face with its hollow eyes says more in silence than other actors do in lengthy perorations.”

“Fatih Akin observes his characters and their social environment with a mix of intensity and detachment in In the Fade, about a German woman whose husband and son are killed in a bombing in Hamburg.”