You Can Count on Me

Kenneth Lonergan (2000)

Laura Linney, Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Broderick Rated 15 Run time 111 mins

Nominated for Best Actress (Laura Linney) and Best Original Screenplay at the 73rd Academy Awards.


Sammy is a single mother who is extremely protective of her 8-year old son. She is satisfied with living in the small town she grew up in and working in a local bank. When her brother Terry visits he fits the void in the life of both her and her son. Temporarily free of the constraints of single motherhood she begins to break free of her normal routine. In a string of traumatic events Sammy is torn between helping her brother and her maternal instinct to protect her son from getting hurt.

Kenneth Lonnergan’s first film as a Director (& Writer) was very successful both critically and financially and will delight anyone who has not seen it before with it’s simple yet affecting story.

95% – Rotten Tomatoes

7.7/10 – IMDB

“This is a movie about people living day to day with their plans, fears and desires. It’s rare to get a good movie about the touchy adult relationship of a sister and brother. Rarer still for the director to be more fascinated by the process than the outcome. This is one of the best movies of the year.” …Read the full review HERE.

“Beautifully acted and crafted, the movie will simply draw you in.”