Christian Petzold (2018)

Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer Rated 12A Run time 102 mins

French Weekend

Past and present are blurred in this timeless allegory by German director Christian Petzold in which occupied France is somehow transported to the 21st century. Adapted from a 1944 novel the film is situated in an indeterminate moment overlapping the past and the present day, combining jackboots with modern day cars and street-scenes. A German fugitive and concentration camp escapee flees from Paris to Marseille at the time of the invasion. He has to deliver a letter to a famous author and resistance sympathiser.

94% – Rotten Tomatoes

“Once Transit’s bitterly ironic vision takes hold, it eats into the mind.”

“Christian Petzold’s white-hot existentialist noir Transit is perhaps the best World War II film since Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book, even if it hinges on a suspension of disbelief that’ll be too far a stretch for some.”

Film Review: Brilliant existential thriller works like a dream – The Guardian