The Street

Zed Nelson

Rated 15 Run time 94 mins

Zed Nelson is an internationally renowned photographer now turned producer-director with his first debut feature length documentary The Street: a film about love, loss and a community unravelled by gentrification.

Hoxton Street, a traditional East London street on the edge of the city has been transformed by luxury redevelopments and sky-high property prices. The street was the last bastion of the areas disadvantaged – a concentration of the aged, poor and dispossessed. The residents are followed over a 4 year period charting the toxic concentration of gentrification and austerity at the time of Brexit.

It would be interesting to see what has happened to the street since Coronavirus struck this year.

100% – Rotten Tomatoes

“Hilarious, and yet tragic.”

“An intimate and original exploration of an oft neglected topic.”

Film Review: Poignant stroll through a disappearing world – The Guardian