The Heiresses

Marcello Martinessi (2018)

Ana Brun, Margarita Irun Rated 12A Run time 98 mins

Two elderly Paraguayan ladies are in a long-term gay relationship. One (Chela) is aristocratic and artistic and the other (Chiquita) deals with the practical side of their increasingly impoverished lives. When Chiquita is sent to prison for financial crimes Chela is cast adrift and forced to engage with the world. Compelled to face up to a new reality she drives her car for the first time in many years and her life begins to open up with new possibilities. The cast are well-known stage actresses in Paraguay making their screen debut.

97% – Rotten Tomatoes
6.8/10 – IMDB

“It’s a small story, but the points it makes about the corrosion wrought by class distinctions and the prejudices attached to them give it a dimension that will resonate wherever you happen to live.”

“By the end of the film, the audience feels like it knows his heroine at almost precisely the same time she has gotten to know herself. It’s a minor kind of magic.”

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