The Candidate (El Reino)

Rodrigo Sorogoyen (2018)

Antonio de la Torre, Monica Lopez Rated 15 Run time 132 mins
A dense, knotty and utterly compelling film that is a triumph both of filmmaking and performances, particularly from Antonio de la Torre in the central role, and in which the writer / director explores Spain’s thorny political system of twelve years ago, painting a portrait of a country held together by generations of underhand deals and backroom bribery.
A film that will reward close attention from the start and perhaps a willingness to accept some lack of understanding exactly what is going on, but which becomes more and more engrossing as it develops, delivering a real wallop of a finale.
An exciting addition to our programme.

92% – Rotten Tomatoes
7.2/10 – IMDB

“Acclaim should carry it far among those craving intrigue, suspense and muckraking social commentary.”

“Part thriller, part moral skewering and sadly part realistic portrayal, Kingdom is guided by a terrific performance from the reliable Antonio de la Torre at the centre of some fine ensemble work.”

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