The Australian Dream

Daniel Gordon (2019)

Adam Goodes Rated 15 Run time 106 mins

A thoughtful but riveting documentary about Aussie Rules football star Adam Goodes and his battle against racism. After protesting about racist behaviour among fans in the stadium Goodes is subjected to a bullying media campaign. The film explores Goodes’ family and background and also addresses the situation of aboriginal people in Australia. Their dignity is juxtaposed against the opinions of some media pundits.

100% – Rotten Tomatoes
7.6/10 – IMDB

“You don’t need to be Australian, know a bean about Aussie Rules football or have even heard of its subject, indigenous AFL player Adam Goodes, to walk away from this moving documentary fired up and challenged.”

“Gordon uses blockbuster tools – pairing bold visuals with the kind of thundering sound design that makes your joints rattle – to turn this well-organized sociology lesson into a more visceral cinematic experience.”

Film Review: Adam Goodes’ doco driven by clear desire for justice – The Guardian