The 8th

Lucy Kennedy, Aideen Kane, Maeve O'Boyle

Eamon Martin, Maria Steen, Andrea Horan, Ailbhe Smyth Rated 12 Run time 94 mins
A well considered documentary following the story of grass roots activism and the campaign to remove the 8th Amendment in Ireland, one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world.
It would be easy to sidestep the voices from the No campaign and it is to the credit of the directors that their points are addressed, while we see the pro-choice campaigners chart a bold strategy to drive their side home.
With the recent changes to Texan abortion laws the importance of this documentary is not to be underrated.
100% – Rotten Tomatoes
7.9/10 – IMDB
“Smyth is a candid subject with which to anchor this film document, and we get to see not only what makes her tick but the graft and guile that had to be summoned to capitalise on this once-in-a-generation window”
“While there is that sense of a tablet being chiselled to mark the turning of the world, you also get the impression that this film has a job to do in relaying the triumph to other shores. “
Film Review: The Killing Fields of West Virginia – The New York Times