Official Competition

Mariano Cohn & Gaston Duprat, Spain/Argentina, 2021

Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Oscar Martínez Rated 15 Run time 115 mins

When a billionaire entrepreneur impulsively decides to create an iconic movie, he demands the best. Renowned filmmaker Lola Curvas (Cruz) is recruited to mastermind this ambitious endeavour, and two actors with massive talent but even bigger egos (Banderas and Martínez) – who are both legends, but not exactly best friends – are engaged to star in it. What could go wrong? With a blend of scabrous honesty and silliness, this is a delight.

96% – Rotten Tomatoes

7 / 10 – IMDB

“Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn’s Official Competition may be yet another satire on filmmaking, but it’s the rare iteration that’s nuanced enough to understand that self-awareness does not equal absolution.”

“Duprat and Cohn have stepped beyond the joke, in order to ask the question of whether there can even be art without ego. These characters are parodic, but pitiable in their desperation to leave their stamp on the world.”

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