Nae Pasaran

Felipe Bustos Sierra

Bob Fulton, Stuart Barrie Rated 12 Run time 96 mins

A heartfelt documentary about the decency and moral courage of a group of Rolls-Royce workers and trade unionists. In 1974 the men downed tools, refusing to repair jet engines for the Chilean air force in protest against the bloody military coup that had toppled the government of Salvador Allende. Sierra grew up hearing the story of these mythical Scottish factory workers and the reunion he arranges is enormously touching. The film ends triumphantly with the boycotters finally receiving recognition. Tears will be shed!

100% – Rotten Tomatoes
8.1/10 – IMDB

“There are some unexpectedly moving moments in an understated film that gets much of its charm from the down-to-earth decency of the characters.”

“The journey to this point for Sierra speaks of the passion project that it is – and the film benefits hugely from his engagement with the emotional aspects of the story.”

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