Migrant Voices In London

Ahmed Sinno, Anna Virabyan, Cina Aissa, Muhammad Arkam Babar Rated 12A Run time 17 mins

Refugee Weekend
With an introduction and Q&A discussion by Ahmed Sinno. Tea and cake available from 3:30pm

This short film is made up entirely of the visuals and narratives of four migrants living in London. As part of a participatory research project, Cina, Anna, Ahmed and Muhammad were invited to film their daily lives in the summer of 2018. This was followed by open-ended conversations in which each of them reflect on their experiences. These are the lives of people who are marginalised in various ways, encountering legal, political, social, racial borders and hierarchies that might be invisible to others. Yet, they also experience London life as others do with friends, family, leisure, art, shopping and travel. This film shows London as a space of mobility – of continuous movement – and of borders and restrictions.

Website: Migrant Voices in London – Migration Research Group

Website: Migrant Voices in London – Kings College London