Memoir of War

Emmanuel Finkiel (2017)

Mélanie Thierry, Benoît Magimel Rated 12A Run time 127 mins

French Weekend

Emmanuel Finkiel is the director of this intriguing film based on the novel La Douleur by Marguerite Duras, inspired by her own experience during the war. With a magnificent performance by Thierry the film examines the stress placed on human relationships during wartime. Marguerite a member of the Resistance is befriended by a creepy collaborator. Meanwhile she endures the agony of waiting for news of her husband after his arrest and detention at Dachau.

“Buoyed by an astonishing central turn by Mélanie Thierry.”

“The film signals the arrival of another major French star actress. Memoir of War is a great film.”

Film Review: Roger