Master Cheng

Mika Kaurismaki (2019)

Pak Hon Chu, Anna-Maija Tuokko, Lucas Hsuan Rated PG Run time 114 mins

A Chinese father and son arrive in Finnish Lapland. Against the unusual background, and intriguing story emerges of cross-cultural friendship and food. As the outsiders are gradually embraced embraced by the eccentric locals, the brilliant cinematography delivers a fusion of  spectacular landscapes and mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. An amusing comedy with optimism and warmth, and echoes of Babettes Feast.

64% – Rotten Tomatoes

6.8 / 10 – IMDB

“Director, Mika Kaurismaki has managed to produce a pleasant if undemanding little gem. Added to this, the performances of the three main characters, Cheng, Sirkka and the little boy are very believable and not forced or over acted.”

A slow, intimate, quiet film with gorgeous filming. 

Master Cheng (PG) Close-Up Film Review