The Lost City of Z

James Gray (2016)

Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller Rated 15 Run time 141 mins
Born in 1867, Percy Fawcett was an archaeologist and a Colonel in the Royal Artillery who became convinced, during a series of mapping expeditions to the Amazon, that somewhere in the jungle was a city of gold and maize – so ancient it perhaps predated western civilisation itself.
The film tells the incredible, true story of his obsession and is as transporting, profound and staggering in it’s emotional power as anything seen in the cinema in years.
87% – Rotten Tomatoes
The Lost City of Z thrums with exotic adventure, and the psychological terror that brushes director James Gray’s metaphorical heart of darkness.”
Memorable scenes and inspired performances.”


Review: Hearts of Darkness and Light in “The Lost City of Z” – The New York Times