La Mif

Fred Baillif (2021)

Charlie Areddy, Kassia Da Costa, Amandine Golay Rated 15 Run time 112 mins

Directed by former social worker Baillif, this is a powerful and convincing study of a Geneva childrens’ care home. The traumatic issues affecting both children and staff are explored with honesty and energy. Troubled girls find love and solidarity in this home: for them it is a La famille, la mif in French slang. But there are tensions in the lives of the staff who care for them too. A searching look at the shortcomings of the care system, the film is brilliantly brought to life by the performances of the non-professional actors.

95% – Rotten Tomatoes

7 / 10 – IMDB

“There are some startling performances from this cast of first-timers — especially Kassia Da Costa, as the hot-headed but obviously insecure Novinha. Among the adult cast, it’s Claudia Grob who stands out as Lora, the den mother of the home”

“raw but deeply nourishing watch: by the end, they all feel like members of your own deeply dysfunctional but genuinely loving family.”

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