Human Flow

Ai Weiwei (2017)

N.A Rated TBC Run time 140 mins

Shot across an astonishing 23 countries, Human Flow is artist Ai Weiwei’s panoramic document of the global refugee crisis.  Combining world spanning breadth but never losing sight of individual human stories, this is a visually arresting work that brings new insights and compassion for it’s subjects.

Making extensive use of drone photography’s ability to show vast scales, the film brings an artist’s eye to helping us understand the scale and human cost so that we can see and understand anew.

93% – Rotten Tomatoes

““Human Flow” is a towering achievement from one of the world’s foremost champions of human rights. Its subject matter may be overwhelmingly bleak, but its call for unity is profoundly invigorating.” …Read the full review HERE

“This movie, a testament to the power of seeing, provides a long and uncommonly vivid look at a human crisis that’s changing the face of our planet.”