Audrey Diwan

Annamaria Vartolomei; Kacey Mottet Kline; Luàna Bajrami Rated 15 Run time 100 mins

A devastating and brilliantly directed study of the tribulations faced by a bright working-class student when she becomes pregnant and decides to seek an abortion- illegal in the France of 1963. Annamaria Vartolomei is superb as Anne, the central protagonist / victim – but the entire cast excel in capturing the contradictions and hypocrisies of a time when sexual liberation could carry lifelong consequences.

Unfortunately recent events in the U.S have made this message of bodily autonomy all to pertinent once again.

Happening rightly won both the Golden Lion at Venice and Lumiere Awards for Best Film and Best Actress.

99%  – Rotten Tomatoes

7.4 / 10 – IMDB

Happening” is filmed and performed in such a delicate, skin-soft register, meanwhile, that the escalating terror of Anne’s situation is all the more pronounced, eventually pivoting into a realm of wholly realism-based body horror.”

Visually, “Happening” is characterized by cool spring light and blushing pastel tones, a pretty, cruel reminder of an outside world heedless to our heroine’s despair.”