Jonas Poher Rasmussen (2021)

Dabiel Karimyar; Fardin Mijdzadeh; Milad Eskandari (voices) Rated 15 Run time 89 mins

The true story of Amin, a refugee fleeing Afghanistan in the 1980’s with his family as a child. Rasmussen doesn’t skimp on the intense details of Amin’s journey, from corruption in Russia to human trafficking and the inhumane conditions refugees are forced to suffer for a chance at a better life. Being an animation means that Amin can tell his story and disclose his harrowing past while allowing him to remain anonymous.

Not only does Flee delve into the first-hand experiences of refugees to show us the importance of family to those forced to escape; it also explores how the media treats these people, doing nothing except broadcast their struggles for the world to watch.

Amin and is family rely on each other for emotional support as they struggle to stay together. Ramussen and Amin bring audiences into the other side of the refugee crisis, which the media shy away from, painting a portrait of life many of us will never experience.

A multi-award winning documentary, a mixture of animation and archive footage that really works. Not to be missed!

98% – Rotten Tomatoes
7.9/10 – IMDB
“The award for the most improbable set of nominations in Oscar history must surely go to this achingly beautiful and humane Danish curio, which found itself shortlisted for Best Animated Feature, Best International Feature and Best Documentary”
Film Review:this unlikely Oscar contender is a thrilling proposition – The Telegraph