James Ivory (1987)

Hugh Grant, James Wilby, Rupert Graves Rated 15 Run time 140 mins
The repressed and bourgeois Maurice Hall (James Wilby) tackles the prejudices of Edwardian society as he comes to terms with his sexuality. From the halls of Cambridge University to the cricket fields of the English gentry, this profound tale of emotional and sexual awakening features star-making performances from Wilby, Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves, and perfectly captures the fears and joys of submitting to forbidden desire.
Described by the Guardian as “undervalued and underseen” Maurice is a landmark film as important as any in the history of gay cinema and one that presents a positive and enriching portrait of first love.
87 % – Rotten Tomatoes
7.7 /10 – IMDB
“Hugh Grant and James Wilby give fine and intelligent performances as Clive Durham and Maurice Hall, two exquisitely beautiful young men up at Cambridge in the years before the first world war.”
“Maurice is a revelation. It tells us much more about a certain kind of unformulated English discontent, suppressed hysteria and the idealised longing for beauty in the aftermath of the Oscar Wilde trial.”
Maurice Review- Merchant Ivory’s EM Forster adaptation richer than ever – The Guardian