Enys Men

Mark Jenkins, GB, 2022

Mary Woodvine, Edward Rowe, Flo Crowe Rated 15 Run time 96 mins

Jenkins’ follow-up to his outstanding feature debut Bait, Enys Men ramps up both the weird-folk atmosphere and the vivid colour saturation in a manner calculated to delight fans of the classic 1973 double-bill of Don’t Look Now and The Wicker Man. It’s 1973 (when else?): an unnamed ‘Volunteer’ is collecting data on a rare flower blooming on a remote Cornish island. She’s alone apart from intermittent radio contact with the mainland and occasional visits from ‘The Boatman’ – or is she? Events repeat, echo and fracture in an increasingly disturbing cycle – or do they?

79% – Rotten Tomatoes

5.8 / 10 – IMDB

“In a world of immediate payoffs and fully explained outcomes, movies like “Enys Men” don’t appeal to the majority of moviegoers, but it certainly has a lot to offer if you are willing to see how far the pebble goes down the black hole.”

“you can’t know for sure all the answers to what is going on in Enys Men, but it’s a pleasure just to be able to try to figure it out. It’s the kind of movie that invites reflection and challenges you to find meaning in wide and continuous shots, and lets you take a peek into and revel around a quiet and slow-paced life we’re all in dire need of these days.”

‘Enys Men’ Review: Quiet Horror Story Is Cinema at Its Best – Collider