Alexander Nanau (2019)

Catalin Tolontan Rated 15 Run time 109 mins
A searing documentary masterpiece that continues the warnings from Romanian directors about the official corruption in their homeland.
Collective deals with what happened after a horrendous nightclub fire which killed 64 people – the majority of whom died not from their injuries, but from hospital infection.
A heroic piece of investigative journalism discovers it was just part of Romania’s widespread top down corruption.
99% – Rotten Tomatoes
8.2/10 – IMDB
“the first Oscar win for the Eastern European country, but the film’s success is bittersweet for many Romanians, given its painful subject matter — particularly since many believe not enough has changed since 2015.”
“no moment when you can take an easy breath, assured that the terrible things you’ve been watching onscreen are finally over.”
Since the Oscar-Nominated ‘Collective,’ Much and Little Has Changed – The New York Times