A Bunch of Amateurs

Kim Hopkins, GB, 2022

Colin Eggleston, Jeanette Wilson, Harry Nicholls Rated U Run time 95 mins

A real treat for Christmas (or indeed any time of year): this dive into the world of the Bradford Movie Makers club (est.1932) is full of both hilarious eccentricity and moving insight. Thrill to homemade shorts such as The Haunted Turnip! See Oklahoma! restaged on a shoestring! Above all, admire the sheer resourcefulness and passion of the BMM faithful in keeping their club and their hobby alive.

100% – Rotten Tomatoes

7.4 / 10 – IMDB

“the latest documentary by Kim Hopkins, opens with a quote by Susan Sontag – “If cinephilia is dead, then movies are dead too”. “

“Hopkins eschews spectacle and sentimentality while also doing away with inventive storytelling devices. A character-driven, verité approach provides a deft-enough framework to handle historical sweep and intimate moments between the club members with equal steadiness. “

A Bunch of Amateurs Review – Little White Lies